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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Exams are Over!

Well it’s a few days of well deserved rest before, whats more, got my Desktop PC fixed up and running to full capacity yesterday.

My last paper ended yesterday too, which opened up a whole new world of.. well chores! Yea lots of them, it looks like I am much more busy than usual even after the exams, only thing that getting things done are much more flexible now rather than studying.

Oh yes, the Sheares Bridge Run would be on tomorrow morning. Would be camping out at Chenling’s home with the rest of the gang overnight, before heading to the esplanade in a convoy tomorrow. But first, it’s a dinner carbo loading session somewhere round paya lebar. Hope the whether will be fine tomorrow! Wish us luck!


  1. Hehe lest, think ya misunderstood, “fixed” it more like repair, my desktop was down for 1 mth b4 my semester exams started.

    I will be introducing my new pc in phases, part by part, the specs are as follows:
    * Intel Quad Core Q6600 + Asus P35 Premium Mobo (support 45nm
    * Geforce 8800GTS 320MB
    * 4GB Patriot Ram (4×1GB)
    * Additonal 500GB Hitachi SATA Harddisk (1TB Total)
    * Logitech G9 Laser Mouse
    Should be ready by christmas! :mrgreen:

    • I think cus new things come out sure very ex one, my current system can last me till next year without much probs so even if need to wait it’s still managable.

      If I am not wrong when the keinsfield quad came out it was like $1600 with mobo rite? It’s like $700 bucks with mobo now.

      My budget is not exceeding $1.5k for all those parts I listed above.
      Even if you afford the yorksfield when he is released it not worth spending much for something which price will drop very soon.

      So if yorksfield is the way to go + price drop then maybe need to wait till Q2-Q3 next year. 😯


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