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Semester Exams Ahoy Captain!

I guess my PC choose a good time to conk out few weeks prior my exam date, but given that hey I have more time to study and away from games. My exam schedule is not exactly the best there is, but I guess I had sufficient time to prepare for all of them – heading and plunging into them for the past weeks and now just some refresher and doing some past-year papers in preparation (familiarisation) to the exams style and setting for the actual paper itself.. or am I just being complacent?

  • 14th Aug Tuesday – Mechanics III
  • 16th Aug Thursday – Fluid Mechanics
  • 20th Aug Monday – Statistics
  • 21th Aug Tuesday – Engineering Thermodynamics
  • 22th Aug Wednesday – Industrial Automation
  • 24th Aug Friday – Organisation Managment

Noticeably, the most demanding period will be the 20th-22th stretch of August where I would see a turkey of 3 papers in a row, with only the weekend prior to prepare. You can also say I do not have much of a national day holiday this year too. Too bad for me for having to give SingFest at Fortcanning and the Nuffnang Rush Hour 3 Movie Screening Party a miss last week, and now EPL is here. It all just came at a time I least wanted them to be, haiz. But at least I won’t be studying over new year’s day like last year.

And ahh yes and running is good during the exam period, not only keeps you energetic and awake, it makes you sleep better at night. In other words for exams, you will not only need a head full of exam-related yogurt but a clean running engine without clogged oil or coolant as well.

Did a run today, amazingly, the rain held on and poured immediately when I completed my run and stepped into my home, wow thanks weather!

Running Mileage for the weeks:
Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route: 15km – Last Monday
Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route: 15km – Sunday
Total Mileage for week: 30km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 630.15km



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