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Ending November

FC5 Line dances

School’s rather manageable this week, with the exception of a few hiccups here & there, not to mention training in the rain last tuesday… still good, luckily didn’t catch any fever or cold whatsoever, like what most people I know are having now.. eww “mucus-maximus”

Highlights of the week includes workshop. Finally managed to get almost most of the project done ahead of schedule, only to shave off addtional 1mm off my metal work on the milling machine! barggh! accuracy marks say bye bye… Maybe I can consider making another one if time allows.

Managed to put together pieces of VB & C++ programing into place, next week will be the VB test. Mmm, the funny thing is… programming what to study for ah?

The business people are always good at organising flea markets & stuff on a frequent basis with one coming up, the thing is that we all usually don’t even get to see any stores at all. Even when the event is held at the plaza- MY TURF! Maybe they are good at publicising it, but horrible to even make their stores be seen!

Very bad time trails for IVP:
2400m – 10.20, 3000m – 12.30, 5000m – 23.00, 10000m – Timings Next Week
The thing about long distance running for me now is not aerobic endurance, but speed. I am more or less adapted to running long distances, like 21km+ but only at a constant slow 400m/2min pace. Coach suggested more interval training for me, maybe those 100m sprints & drills will work out.

Still on sports, the 2005 Vertical Marathon placing results are out on their website. Came in 22th position out of 118 people in my category (Mens 20-29), that puts me in the top 20% of the athletes in the category & dang! I am like 10 seconds away from top 20… grrrr. It must be the last 10floors… must push harder next year. (Official .pdf file here)

They are finally getting those newer superbuses to ply the route between my house & SP. Think they are the newer generations of the Volvo Super Olympian. The automatic transmission is rather smooth compared the older superbuses, but can be rather draggy at times too. Yea & they seats they have are rock solid, so I can fold up & lean my legs with whatever pressure on the seat in front of me without annoying passengers in front. Hehe e-v-i-l-m-e

SP Mini Trialthon will be on this Saturday, consiting of a 200m swim, 6km bike & 2.4km run. Should be very managable. Standard Charted marathon will be on in 2 weeks time, 4th december, should be starting carbo loading sometime early next week.


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