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Electro scoring

Class questions, questions

The day ended with a short Q&A with our EL teacher, Mr Wong Sim Ming, otherwise known as “ahkao”given his rather funny pun on “ahkao hui lia!” (Ahkao come back!). Mr Low, our tutor finally released out thermo class test results yesterday, in a rather cartoony manner too, flashing results with him blocking half of the over head projector’s image…. sian. Completely oblivious to his error, we managed to persuade him to show us the results again & its only on the 5th projection when he actually blurrly heeds us by not standing in front of the projector to flash the results. Oh man! Anyway I’ve got a cool hundred for it, a perfect score on the test.

Things weren’t so bright for electronics though, scoring only 92/100, not the highest in class, not even the 3rd highest! Dang! Duh I am feeling stopider already. Anyway I learnt from my rather careless mistake costing me 8 marks from perfection in total. So in all, for the 1st term of the first semester its quite a good start with 90% & above on average for all my modules. Gotta start studying for semester exams due in a month.


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