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Day at the Boys Brigade

The afternoon at the boys brigade

Located near Zion road is where the Boys Brigade (BB) HQ is. The class pretty much spend the whole friday afternoon there. Part of the CIP hours programme thingie, most of our time packing boxes clothing, toiletries, foodstuff & toys collected/donated into the Sharity Gift Box 2005 onto pallets going out to various homes such as the Singapore Christian home, Centre for exceptional Children & the Hougang Care Centre. All for a good course of course! We even got 5 CIP hours in return, with very good working altitude in the remarks! whee! Good thing the place is also near my home, so I very much know the best eating places around the vincity for lunch & breaks. Good thing we were there to help out today as they were really shorthanded on manpower & volunteers to cope with the Christmas donation & giving efforts, guess will be dropping by again to help in fortnight or so.

With that, here are some eye candy!

Packed stuff
Packed stuff
A salty situation
A salty situation
Thats 4 pallets for the day!
That’s 4 pallets for the day!

If you would wish to contribute & help out for a good course for the Sharity Gift box/warehouse this december before christmas, feel free to check out the Singapore Boy Brigade website for details or call 6737 0377. The BB HQ address is 105 Ganges Avenue, Singapore 169695.


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