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*Bleep* Please hold Life, incoming Exams

😐 Well it had been a very very fast hectic week for me & it will get worse – before I know it, it’s 2 weeks left to the exam week. With no running millage for this week (I won’t see myself running, gyming or training so often these weeks now). Sometimes in this mess, I just stop to take alook at the students around me, how can they be so care free and relaxed when the exams are just around the corner? Still for outings and computer games, if you count all the hours left, there is hardly even any left for personal time. It’s just projects projects, deadlines, tests and it goes on.. till early February at least, when internship starts.

Steve - tada an iphone!

Have you read today’s ST Sunday Times article on the iphone? haha apparently it’s something like: iphone for Japanese? Eeew that’s old and dated, catch up on times Steve! Haha yea eat that iphone fans – well, besides the regular Mac loyalist who literally buy and lives on anything with an apple logo stuck onto it, maybe that is something more suited for the average American (or Mountain-Tortoise-Kiasu Singaporean) who are still on the regular 2.5G – 3G platforms (which we are all familiar with). But just not up there on the Japanese “hyperspace” networks. Definitely not a brow raiser for the Japs – “been there, done that!” as they said. Interesting read it was.

🙁 On a side note, quite disappointed that I didn’t quite make the Youth.sg first contest for the white PSP. Don’t know whether should I participate in the next fortnight competition with so many exams and tests around. I should prioritise my time and work here. Hope maybe I can win the next weekly random iPod Shuffle just for keeps.

😯 My school schedule for the coming weeks: (For my 9 Modules)

Week starting 15th Jan
Monday – Materials II Quiz
Tuesday – Business Planning Marketing Presentation
Wednesday – No School (Do GEMS and prepare following presentations)
Thursday – Product Design Presentation, Arts, Science of Colours Presentation
Friday – Finish Book Project

Week starting 22th Jan
Monday – Engineering Design Exam
Tuesday – Business Planning For New Ventures Exam
Wednesday – GEMs webdesign Exam
Friday – Writing skills for entrepreneurs Test

Week starting 29th Jan
Tuesday – Materials II Semester Exam

Week starting 5th Feb
Tuesday – Engineering Maths III Semester Exam

:wink:Well for a note, my town council recently placed some new recycling bins near my home area, Yippee! (considering them being removed previously in fear of bomb threats). Now I do not need to travel out of town to throw my sorted waste away… Yeh!

Okie back to studying…


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