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An institutional award in the mist!

Along with the line of back to back interviews of the week, just came back today from an interview with the SP EXPAN reporter (the previous ones were from the other corporate comms department), they are doing up a write up of outstanding model students as well as those who won awards at institutional level, not that I was informed of an institutional award, but apparently I was teased into knowing that I won a rather prestigious award- Only awarded to the top 3 of the whole Singapore Polytechnic cohort of 05.

Ok ok, I am not playing dumb here, but I roughly know what I’ve got but can’t release any info as of yet till I get the official letter from the school itself. And no they are not telling, yet, despite receiving lots of emails and calls of congratulations: “good news is coming your way!”. Thanks everyone for your support!

Got a call from Josh Lim, the boss of Advertlets today while in the Gym in the afternoon, will talk more about that in a future blog post.


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