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Hello 2006!

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Shaun’s New year Resolutions for 2006

» Obtain a Study Grant or Scholarship
» Be Fitter & Leaner
» Maintain my BMI (20.8 now)
» Maintain my cumulative GPA at 4.0
» Do better in my $$ Business $$
» Better Time Management

Ahh my first post for 2006, a New Year, New Opportunities, New Challenges!

With everycoming year, it all comes the all so ritual mood to be grovey & hyper, as the new year is here! Yeaaa 2006. Had a nice quiet dinner with my family before spending the night (not to mention last moments of 2005) at the SGrunner’s Chalet at Aloha seaside Bungalows in Pasir ris. Had BBQ food & played Bingo hosted by Sotong. I even won a SGrunner’s Avatar A3 poster at the last elimation round, well… after some friendly battles of scissor, paper, stones, ahah considering fd snapping up all the posters in the 1st few rounds… oh we couldn’t blame her luck either. We even got some niffy pocket 2006 calenders with our group photos on them, neat!

0:00 saw the time for get together in the chalet living area & the wishing of many happy returns, not to mention smiles & the continous blasts of ship horns by the seaside. The fireworks at habourfront (as telecasted on TV) was impressive lasting for a solid 15mins, I guess even the national day’s one wasn’t even so long. Even with so many bomastic events around Singapore this year, I choose to spend the start of 2006 with my friends, especially my family. Personally as I find it the right thing to do, instead of partying & drinking myself crazy in some club 😉

Changi Village was amazingly packed at like 2am plus, where we had new year’s Nasi Lemak at the popular Sri Sujaua store, yummy!

Comes 2006 see a new line of events, the start of year 2 in school for me. A more aggressive creative campaign by my company, with more jobs & clients. New lineup of local sporting events such as Realrun 06, AHM/Sheares Run 06, Vertical Marathon 06, Standard Chartered Marathon 06, woot!

As I say, new challenges, new opportunities, will 2006 be a busy yet enjoyable year!

Now all all got to do is to stop writing 05 in place of 06 on my dates now. 😳


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