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Next on my gaming list – UT?

Atari/Eden Test Drive Unlimited

It’s Thursday already and for a note, I’ve recently beat the game, Test Drive Unlimited by Atari/Eden last Thursday, its kinda fun earning your filled crown having to complete all the missions and discover all the road of the replica Hawaiian island, just sad that no one plays this game now, but as again, that was stuff one week ago, now it’s very much TF2 to spend the time now, the Pyro achievements are cool!

It’s also good finishing up those old games I’ve brought and left lying around with no time to play. So as part of the stress buster ‘ol gaming traditions, together with beating Portal, C&C 3 Kanes wrath and getting all my achievements in Team Fortress 2, lets see what other game I have lying in my room with the box still unopened… Mmmm I have Tony hawk’s Underground 2, Armed and Dangerous, Rise of Nations, Halo, HL2 Episode 1/2, Gears of War, Hellgate london and Unreal Tournament 3. Mmmm choices choices…


    • There are 3 packs there so far. One is a general pack which came out when the game was first released and does nothing except for braggin rights.

      The medic and pryo achievement packs unlocks 3 new weapons each for both the med and pyro respectively.


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