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Missing Kiki (African peach-faced lovebird)

Missing Kiki

This post is to help out a fellow blogger in need, with regards to his missing pet angel, Kiki. Apparently, just yesterday, Kiki went MIA after flying off from Bryan’s 10th floor flat window- she flew out of the window while perched on his mum’s shoulder while bringing in the clothes. You can follow up more on Bryan’s incident on Kiki and read up more in his blog post here.

She has not been found. If you’ve seen here or have any whereabouts on Kiki around Block 504 Bukit Batok Street 52 at 8.45am (28/08/2008), please contact Bryan at 93850598. She is not wearing any identification leg band.

Here is a quote from Bryan’s Blog:

I never ever expect myself printing and pasting these missing notices around the neighborhood. I kept telling myself that this could be just the wildest dream I had. In fact, I just trying to be naive and refusing to accept the fact.

Looking at the empty cage of Kiki, the complete quiet household environment, I’ve to admit Kiki can never be back.

It all happen this morning at around 8.45am. It started pouring outside, and my mum decided to collect the laundry hanging outside. Apparently Kiki was happily sitting on mum’s shoulder, but at that split second Kiki decided to take off and flew right out of the window. Mum shouted “Kiki!”, the moment I dashed to the kitchen without seeing the presence of Kiki, I was very certain what actually happened.

Mum clarified that Kiki flew down to void deck. For the moment, I hoped she’s joking, but when she threw all the laundry on the floor and left the house swiftly, I knew I had to accept the fact. Mum and I hurried down to the void deck from our apartment unit located at the 10th Storey.

We combed the whole neighborhood for Kiki, but she was no where to be found. Neither she was hiding in the bushes or canopy of trees. I didn’t even hear any piercing calls of Kiki. She even didn’t response to my calls.

My greatest fear that she might had already ended a feast for the crows and stray cats. When I spoted a couple of black cats down at the void deck, I kept telling myself, this could be one incident that I will be parting with her forever, never seeing her ever again.

I hope Kiki’s fine. Bryan, stay strong and don’t give up you will be able to find her.



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