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Interesting yet Hazy Week

It was an interesting hectic, yet very hazy week… especially on Thurday, otherwise hadn’t found time to blog the last few says, thus this accumlative post.

😯 Early week Food poisoning
Tossed and turned for like 4 hours in bed Tuesday night/early morning. Initially I thought it was bloating or just gas curable with generous application of simple medicated oil, but my lower central stomach area just got so pain & uncomfortable I couldn’t sleep throughout the night. Dad drove me to SGH A&E around 3am where I see myself sitting in a V-bent posture seeing nothing but only floor most of the time in the waiting area to ease the stomach pain. After 2 X-rays, doctor says that theres nothing with me and it’s just a case of bad food, prescribing 4 different types of before-meals gastrointestinal relief medicine and a 3 day MC.

The doctor also highlighted about the danger of Appendicitis and it’s right side-pain-like symptoms for general knowledge (FYI). Though it’s a simple to treat and cure completely when detected early, it’s can be fatal when left unnoticed/delayed, not that I do not know of that, but it’s just freaky being told about it again.

It was almost 5.30am and close to sunrise upon reaching home. Had no choice but to decide to give school a miss having not slept the whole night which means no Track Training too, also theres was no important lessons such as practicals for that Tuesday. Woke up round early afternoon for lunch feeling very much better.

Now my bed all smells like feng you medicated oil… And it had been on for days…

🙂 Highlights of the week
My presentation at the year one DME, DMA student options talk on wednesday went without a hitch. Infact it was quite successful to the extent, a teaching factory lecturer and Dr Linda came to shake my hands after my presentation, saying “I want you to do MY final year project…” uh oh… My product design lecturer can’t keep chanting to us next day in class that “it was such a successful event… it was such a successful event…” maybe so as he also presented a part on the talk as well. My supporting class and teammates took some photos of the pres but can’t get to share any as they are all too dark with the Auditorium stage lights off showing only my silhouettes… wasted. Mmmm dunno should I ask my teacher for CCA points…

I remembered the scene from the MM office staff when she kindly processed my MC on the 5min express line and asked: “Are you sure you are taking one day MC?!?” Visually inspecting me for any possible sickness and giving the “I think you have an additional limb growing out back of your head trademark look…” It’s like she’s shocked to see LOA application 03/08/06 to 03/08/06 while the MC states 3 days till 05/08/06… cannot meh?

🙄 Noteable Classes
Writing skills for entrepreneurs module: Learn about competition and selling old stuffs off Ebay wrong, need credit card, but wait Yahoo now also need credit card verification to place auctions as well. Uh oh… so whole class can’t get anything up… Really got up wanting to sell some of my old stuffs online, having gone so far taking product pictures for class Mmmm why not just put them up for sale maybe later.

For Business Planning module, my team is looking into elderly care products as by the year 2020, 1 out of every 4 person in Singapore will be an elderly person. So we are looking to push a product and service as part of our group project for this module.

Noteable GEMS
My 1st GEM, “Metamorphosis” Book making workshop make children books from several art techniques such as painting, printing, etc, so far only painted and did styrofoam painting. 2nd GEM (Principals of WebDesign) just taught the basics of HTML coding, a good revision of direct code based hypertext entry through notepad, rather than relying on WYSIWYG editors.

Cousin Gordon came down earlier this week and brought 2 pairs of Bilabong surf shorts for me as an unexpected gift, would be invitng him (Mum’s idea) for dinner this sunday with my family, where I will be treating (dang!)… well, after a long delay.

Very funny, it’s like the third week into the term and theres like no urge to start the study whatsoever. Maybe should start hitting the books next week after the NIE Director’s race, also to gear up on my new NYAA booklet going for Gold.

I’m still lovin’ it my new HP 2335 monitor, would be looking forward to Windows Vista release around December/Janurary where I will by then top my system to 3GB RAM & 1TB (3 Hitachi harddisks 500GB + 250GB + 250GB) of Harddisk space together with Norton Internet Security 2007 and whole new system reformat, current workstation is little acting and slow lately.

🙁 Didn’t run this week, firstly as I was not recommended to exercise till next week and secondly, the haze conditions is very very bad for training now. Didn’t get any millege done this week at all. Only Gym-ed out 2 sets on wednesday afternoon in school. Might even need to cancel my morning swim tomorrow morning if the Haze gets worst (PSI like 140 today?)


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