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DSTA scholarships 2nd assessment

It’s April fool’s day and man there is no other way to spend a day in the DSTA assessment center. It comprises of literally a half day line of events, 3 main ones to be exact which can be rather mentally taxing. But as most of the information there are largely confidential as told, there’s a limit to what I can share here.

The tests are more of a situational life skill test, so there is nothing you can prepare yourself beforehand on it. Actually spontaneous reactions are also one of the main gist of the test- your ability to think fast on your feet and handle anything they throw at you. I can just say that it was rather fun and you will just love or hate it. Come to think about it, what I got to do there was largely similar to what I usually do as part on my freelance design jobs, that (in my case) meant meeting clients, handling people and being your own boss at the same time. And ummm, role-playing with the staff there is damn fun as well, not to mention impromptu tasks to prepare for a very short notice.

I think I made it, only time will tell whether I get shortlisted for the 3rd and final interview. *Crosses fingers!*

Got a call from my SAA officer about the 2010 Youth Olympics dialogue session (held this Saturday) attire ready for collection, apparently the attire are shirts with printed alphabets on them, so when I line up with my friends in the group, I will make up the letter ‘S’ in the word Singapore, (or S for Shaun! so as the student officer there exclaimed). Made my way thereafter in the afternoon before slumping back at home for some well deserved rest, man it’s was a long day!



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