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Down San Francisco Market Street in 1905

Ah, good old San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world, only this showing how it looks like in the past, specifically set in 1905 before the big earthquake and fire of 1906. Well, besides the fact that this video is more than a century old and almost everyone you see in this video is not much among the living now, it’s still a blast into the past of how life was like back in the past which, in terms of organization with the exception of horse drawn carriages here and there, is not very much different from life we have today (and the exception of lack of vehicular control). Nevertheless still a fantastic city, through the eye of a camera on a cable car on this video.

And come to think about it, nothing much had changed in terms of how the city is still laid out today, specifically the trademark cable cars! This video really want to make me want to visit the place again. It also makes you wonder what things will be like 100 years from now and how people in the future will see us living today. Go figure!


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