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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Club Imperium

As a usual saturday night on national day, its chill out time as usual, had dinner at home. Did some window shopping around orchard later in the evening, Siemens moblie is having a roadshow of their latest M55 tri-band phone, it really cool, feature wise, it suxs big time, they really have cute salesgirls there, had some nice time chatting with them bout the upcoming phone I had been drooling for *grins*, the Siemens smartphone (type SX1). Popped down for some clubbing down at Club Imperium (previously known as sparks). They are having a house, trance dance cum staurday night fever BeeGees special, not bad I say, totally grovey!. Caught a late night cab for supper at a nearby hawker center before heading home.

Random thoughts – appreciate what you have around you, cos when things start getting messy, it hits hard.

Currently Listening: Shania Twain – Forever and for always


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