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Chomp on a Panda for a cause!

Breadtalk 2008 China relief fund panda

Got to chomp onto some of these little Pandas over the last weekday, but didn’t get to talk about them or take a picture of them in their natural habitat after catching some of them at Breaktalk again yesterday. Interestingly, these little bread buns, priced at $2 each is part of a charity effort by Breadtalk themselves in aid of the China earthquake relief efforts, with 100% of the proceeds going to the relief fund itself, so grab one of these if you feel like it or around the neighborhood.

However, given the recent spade of the relief efforts towards Myanmar and China, please do have responsibility to check the authority any possible flag or fund raiser you meet on the streets, as everywhere in Singapore are all saturated with people asking for donations- many possibilities for exploitation. It’s wise to check whether the collectors are officially affiliated with established and registered charitable organization or registered with a valid collection permit.

Great Singapore sale, whee!
Yesterday too was very much shopping time, and whoa it’s the great Singapore sale right? Literally shopped all the way from Orchard all the way to Suntec. But got myself only a new black blazer suit from G2000 while I am at it, seems that the quality of G2000 blazers beats those I’ve found in Robinsons or even Topshop, with and 40% discount off it’s really a great buy! This would be perfect for prize presentations!


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