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Happy New 2016!

Wishing all my visitors on my site a Happy New 2016! Every year is always a busy year for me, and resolutions are always a big thing for the New Year. What are your New Year resolutions? I managed to stick to my last resolutions. Last year, I got back to running on a regular basis, totalling at least 15km of runs each week and ending the year with 20km per week. Totalling over xxx km. I had the chance to experiment with many new running aids, watches and health trackers to aid and automate the distance tracking of my runs. It is good to see myself running again after a few year of absence.

Every year, I plan to learn a new skill or start a new hobby. I got back into music again with the Piano, forcing myself to take weekly classes with a school which I am seeing good results and the complexity of songs I am playing now. Good thing I still have a keyboard at home to practice!

Traveling-wise, I plan to visit more of Asia with short trips. Which is sensible too, as the cost of a US or Europe trip can easily cost as much as many small trips in the region. I had never visited areas beyond Thailand, including Laos and Vietnam, so it will be good to check out these places in the near future. Furthermore, with the US dollar expected to appreciate against the Singapore dollar, it makes more sense to visit Asia and even China now, with the depreciating Yuan.

I thoroughly enjoyed a recent trip to Japan, this sparked me to revisit my command in the Japanese language, I studied French and Japanese in school, but never commanded much practice of the languages due to lack of practice. So for this year, I am keen to pick up a new language or even revisit one, this may prove useful for my future east-Asia trips.

2016 is also the year of the monkey, the Chinese-zodiac anniversary year for my father. I will be planning many good things for him this year. Other on-going miscellaneous resolutions will also include upgrading this website and brush up my creative skills in drawing. In short, it is Pick up a new hobby, Travel more in Asia and pickup a new language, now that’s more than enough to keep me busy for the year!


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