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Getting some time out

There was off-in-leiu yesterday and that came very much like a welcome as I had actually get to book out from camp early. I am really starting to hate army life, esp when it even eats into your one and only precious weekends, when actually, you end up slacking and wasting most your weekday time doing unproductive jobs not of comparative advantage to my kind.

Haiz. Did some site coding the moment I finally get to “chill” at home. Dropped by to bukit batok driving center later to meet my camp friend Darryl for the BTT at the 6.30pm slot. The test is very simple I say, not to mention the “courtesy” of some previous candidates who circled their answers in the question booklet for me to see… (didn’t those invigilator check the books? or do they do it on purpose?) duh, it would be really screwy if I were to fail right? oh well, it all went well. Whether I would pass? well, it would be know in 2 weeks time… than.

Timing is all bout everything yesterday and I glad I rode with it- immediately after the test, the hourly shuttle bus was just happen to be at it stop, feeeling rather shopping deprived over the last busy weeks, hopped on transport towards west mall to feed some impulsive buyings.
(well not really) I needed a USB hub so a self powered one would go neat at $39 from cyberactive computer store. I really wish they stock up d-link or linksys bluetooth USB adapters if not I would spurge out more money there. Theres a new game, simpsons hit-and-run ( mind me if it were to be out for a long time already, I am just like a frog in a well now) not bad but I think I actually did find out more bout the game and reviews before actually commiting myself to it.

Dinner was at AV with my fam for some je-chak (like hawker restaurant)I the beef stew there was rather nice too and they even serve it in a claypot which REALLY keeps your food piping hot till even at the end of the meal. seldom would I see that, most fires just goes off midway.

All in hand it was a rather enjoyable friday, I guess being involved too much at work is rather taxing on my personal time already, really need to spend more time out with my family, friends and my eventual girlfriend? :mrgreen:

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