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Happy Birthday Dad!

Dads birthday cake

Today is my dad’s birthday, the 5th of May. Happy birthday Dad! Year older, a year wiser! And there was cake! Not meaning cake in the game “Portal” though we did have chocolate cake, something rather similar to the one in the game (as referred on my previous blog post).

You should be able to know how old he is by the number of candles on his cake. And as with every annual day birthday tradition, my family always have a habit of celebrating our birthday dinners the weekend nearest to our actual birthday, as we are usually too packed on the weekdays to do so. With cake serve only served on the actual day itself.

I’ve always had the impression that birthdays are important to people, but apparently it’s actually quite mainstream in Singapore families as I come to know, not even celebrating them at all even for their children from parents and vice-versa, is that weird or not?

Upcoming next will be my younger sister’s birthday, but before that is mother’s day! Time to get busy with presents and stuffs.


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