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Dad’s Birthday Dinner at Red Star Restaurant

Dads birthday dinner at the Red ruby restaurant

Backtracking on his birthday dinner, dinner last Saturday was at the Red Star restaurant along Chin Swee road, (around the China town/people’s park area). It’s a quite a large Chinese a-la carte food restaurant with food portions and quality is much better than few other I’ve tried in the similar league as well. The food they serve there is good and above average, but not really in the definition of spectacular. The food and service at good and would please any descent and average person there for a typical neighborhood Chinese restaurant. The place is reasonably packed for a Saturday afternoon, despite being situated in a remote corner in Chinatown.

Some sidetrack of Chinatown
Since I was around these 2 areas rather recently, comparing Chinatown and Little India, I tend be more disgusted in the Chinatown area, though some people could be less tolerant of the fragrance our Tamil counter parts wear (which I can’t understand why people make such a big fuss about), with me personally completely being fine with.

At least Little India is relatively cleaner from litter and oral excretions- those foreigners there are really more disciplined than our locals. Which really made me think about the comments some of my overseas friends have on our local people here. No wonder as told by one of my cousins who studied overseas – he didn’t have a culture shock going overseas, but one upon his return to Singapore instead!


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