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Extra oil & lard please…

🙄 Just came back from supper at tiong bahru market, where I’ve a beef steak hot plate while my parents indulge themselves in unhealthy & impulsive orders of carrot cake, fishball noodles dry with extra sauce & porridge with extra lard. Come to think about it, the variety of hawker food we have is indeed a blessing, I mean where else in the world can we have nice delicacies anytime of the day. Not in Australia or even many areas in the States, that of I experienced of. Food just never sleeps in Singapore.

The highlight of the day was the robinsons sale at the expo where I got 2 new surf shorts & a black shirt. Cool! The funny thing is that when my younger sister tried on one of the pairs she COULDN’T wear them! Both of them are of size S & fits me like a glove, thats whats surf shorts are for… lol! lose some weight sis, haha you may be hiding them, but I bet there are layers under there! Would be wearing them for a swim tomorrow.

The server had been giving some problems on the PHP admin side, can’t seem to upload photos…. darn!


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