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Dinner with Primary School Classmates

Just as Geoff flew back to Melbourne last Thursday, it’s another reunion with my old primary school classmates. Had dinner at Suntec’s Country Manna where I had the chefs recommendation of the beef cubes on pasta and the usual set, all for $27 including the extras. Ironically this outing was planned 6 months ago, but last minute call offs from those in camp, duties, projects (e.g. even my kindergarden-pri friends Jiawei and Jiaming all caught up in camp), etc and so led to only 4 our us (Weisheng, Sherlyn & Alwyn) making it for the dinner from the intended group of 8-10.

Nevertheless, dropped by to marina square to meet YeKoon (she couldn’t make it as she had to work at Giordano, which was having a midnight sale that night). She is the head of the outlet and we can get 30% off anything in store, not as if we wanted to buy anything but just to say hi. But she was kinda too busy to be pulled off her work anyway, wished her the best of regards and made our way to tcc at citylink for some coffee. Where Junhui (the Ahbeng) came, then followed by a very very late Valietia around 10pm. Weisheng settled for a $3.90 cup of expresso which he found rather not that value-for-money after all. Considering his umm personal declared nett worth being $25 in the bank and $25 on him, so thats $50 in all (Sue him if you may lol…). Where Sherlyn and I settled for a more value $6.90 tall cup of Oreo Frappo – Tasty.

😉 As I’ve got in contact with Weisheng & Sherlyn 2 years ago, so theres not much catching up compared to the rest who I have not met in a decade! Alwyn ballooned to what was definately a contrast to the slingy thin head perfect I know back in Qifa primary 1994-1996. But interestingly still most of them can still be recognised by face. Only few can recognise me though, allowing me to masquerade in the mist of their confusion. They all know who Shaun is, especially if you just ask “the artist & the fish” (my cartoon character trademark I used to draw alot back then), then they will all say – Shaun? Only that they do not know who at the table is Shaun.. haha. saying that I’ve changed alot

😯 From there we get to talk about Junhui participation in the Channel-U Superbands (on keyboards with his band) where he got kicked out early in the elimations. Then theres the talk about John Chia, Qie (Chia) Weichong, (who we alway know back then always being called chong chong by his parents duh) as one of the Superstar finalist and how his life had changed to avoid fans (especially those little screaming mei-meis who treaten to tear you apart just to bring home something off you to worship) in public. Haha so much for fame and immature fans… And the speculation of John being a Faggot (as most guys in Fashion design are, as claimed by Valietia), besides also knowing that Junior could not make the outing as she’s sick, or maybe caught up with her girlfriend.

🙂 Weisheng will be flying off to guess what – to Melbourne next month for his 3 years Bach, while Alwyn is in ACCA accounting, Sherlyn in NTU accounting – final year, Junhui is working after being unable to get into all the Polytechnics with his higher-ITEC and Valietia in NAFA doing dip in fashion design after barely making through NYP Accounting, now doing what she really like.

Cheers to Weisheng, Sherlyn, Alwyn, Junhui & Valietia for making the outing. Guess the next one won’t be coming so soon with the main organisers away overseas next year onwards. In the meantime, chill.

Mileage for the week (7 day period 4-10th Dec)
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training + Threadmill 6.5km – Wednesday
SP Gym 2+1 Sets Weight Training + Sunset Way Canal 9.3km – Friday
Tiong Bahru Park Run 15round – 15km MSD – Sunday
Total Mileage for week = 30.8km (103% of 30km/week target met)


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