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Its holiday! But only for this week…

Despite the sun coming out quite nicely these days, the whether and ambient temperature is still holding out nice and cool in my area. In fact so good I do not even need to sleep with regular air-conditioning on for a few weeks! Morning temperatures are around 25 Degrees Celsius (readings from my desk clock), with rather frequent strong breezes threatening to slam doors around the house. Cool, but just wonder how this weather will hold out? Just hope it’s not a by-product of global warming…

Reuse Reduce Recycle!

Had been catching up on dated chores since my last paper on Tuesday – Engineering Mathematics III was easy with a careless mistake on partial fraction threatening to set my maximum score at 98/100. Personally after going through the post exam paper again with my classmates, we more or less came out with a model answer sheet for all the solutions in the paper allowing us to calculate our expected score for the paper. Seemingly, 98/100 is the lowest I can ever go…

:mrgreen: Talking about chores, had been doing ALOT of packing and cleaning up the last few days, therefore not even having any blogging time in my hands. It’s namely sorting up my past semester lecture notes and organising them into binders for archiving *and forget. The rest will go into the paper recycling bins near my home. I won’t exactly say that I have a recycling obsession, but it’s just a way of life I guess – Little things you can do on your part for the environment like cutting down on plastic bags used at NTUC Fairprice or declining wrappers or carriers for small items in shops. But ironically, that doesn’t quite go for me when it comes to cars and POWER (taking about C02 levels….). I guess as the saying goes – “penny wise, pound foolish”.

And now, the news…

News in the limelight
Some notable news around the past weeks have to be:

Johor’s complains of the flood caused by Singapore reclaimed land works.
– So I guess the melting of the ice caps and depletion of the ozone layer have to be caused by us too I guess… NEXT!

Singapore ups plant to desalinate sea and reservoir water fueling up to 10% of our water capacity and mainly set for industrial use.
– Making the decision to drink our waste water than buying water from the north is like indirectly saying: “we would rather drink our piss than your water” at least that will keep water issues quiet for as long as it can be…

Jail or high fine for Singaporeans who did not stamp their passports at causeway checkpoints.
– I mean who else can be so negligent to stamp an immigration visa card instead of the passport?

First say of ITP starts tomorrow for all SP second year students, wishing everybody all the best!


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