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DBS ATM Security Info

Got a e-mailer from DBS, guess should share it as I believe this not only applies to DBS atms as well. Also, in view of the increasing numbers of ATM card skimming cases around the world, its’s good advise for users to be extra cautious when using the ATM, locally or overseas, so we won’t fall victims to atm card fraud. In fact recent unauthorised ATM withdrawals have occurred in United Kingdom, Thailand and Europe which are quite controversal.

As, it’s largely a segmented html email, put together an illustration from it, giving credit to DBS who sent these rather helpful heads-up. After reading this, I remembered using atms with those large bulky card slots before, similar to those note readers found at carpark auto-pay stations. Sometimes tricksters can be rather good at faking atm parts, rather interesting.

DBS ATM Security Info

Rest of the DBS mailer:

  • Beware of foreign objects attached to the ATMs (e.g hidden, overhead cameras) as these may be used to read your card details and PINs.
  • In Singapore, we are in the process of installing this new security device on all our ATMs to prevent your card information from being skimmed
  • Ensure that any ATM you’re using is free of foreign devices before transacting and always shield the keypad when entering your PIN.
  • Keep your PIN private and do not share your PIN with anyone. Do not use your PIN if someone else can see you keying it.
  • Be alert of your environment when using the ATM.
  • Never entrust your ATM card and PIN to another person to withdraw cash on your behalf.
  • Do not choose a PIN that could be easily guessed e.g. your telephone number, NRIC number, date of birth, or other associated data.
  • Memorise your PIN. Do not write down your PIN on slips of paper or on the back of your ATM card.
  • Change your PIN regularly by using the ‘Change ATM Card PIN’ service ( under PIN/IB Services) at any DBS/POSB ATM in Singapore.
  • Change your PIN immediately if you suspect it has been exposed to others or the moment you suspect any unauthorised access.
  • Check your account balance regularly to ensure that there are no unusual or unauthorised transactions.
  • Should you require any assistance when using the ATM, please call our 24-hr Customer Service Centre on 1800 111 1111 (or +65 6327 2265 from overseas).


    • Haha no problem, that’s a community message in the goodwill of everybody.

      The thing which surprises me is how authentic those installed tampered card swipers are. I believe at times I do remember using an older ATM which those extruding bits of plastic!


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