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Classifieds impersonations!

I’ve been receiving quite a few emails asking about my “Ad” on few popular online classifieds sites, such as 88db. Which left really really puzzled as I do not feature my freelance services anywhere else on the internet other than my portfolio pages on this website. So I went about a search on the net and found ads placed on those sites and written in a way that I’ve posted it. Oh my god, impersonations!

Whats more the adverts and classifieds postings also feature images and photos ripped from this site as well. A little bit of post-mortem suggests that the list of services listed came in a very reassuring format presumably lifted from my namecards. So I guess it could be added from an acquaintance from my networking sessions.

Though I never accepted any jobs from such sources and personally, I have nothing against those people who post these ads. But what I fear are the exploits which could result from this- anyone can steal your work and claim it theirs, which could be rather worrying. After all, there is no safeproof method to copyright your work and often watermarks and text can all be lifted and altered without consent.

So, I guess the best rule is of course not to post anything online that you can’t afford to lose that is.


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