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Ahoy July and 070707

Its the weekend! The last day of the month and the the last day before the GST hike. Besides seeing the shopping areas like a dead town tomorrow there’s still more ummmm shopping to do today, well for the rest of my family that is… For me I will be training with my Poly 50 team today in school besides having a breather after the Mid Semester Test week to catch up on yea… you guess it right again, chores and work. But that’s part of life heh? hehe.

On cars, Opel has released another hardtop Cabriolet convertible similarly to compete with the Renault Megane Cabriolet. Hardtops are the talk of the town besides the added weight from their copue counterparts but having the added advantage of having the both of a coupe and convertible all in one. These 2 cars are all within the budget sub $120,000 price tag, which for a convertible is rather good value with BMW 3’s and Benz SL 500 going at least $215k and $300k respectively. I guess it’s all the brand factor for the additional premiums, besides “renowned” German Engineering and man do they sound good.

School’s cool, scored full marks (yea) for my Mechanics and Statistics Term tests, a DIST for my Communication skills and should be able to get the same for the Engineering Thermodynamics module besides the one on Quality Management, where I choose one wrong clause in the ISO:9000, effectively setting my marks below 90%, bummer.

Oh yes one more thing, on Pocket PC phones, do anyone here know how to Bind the left softkey of the HP rw6828 phone to the windows start menu? I’ve tried tweaks2k and it can only bind me to applications, I need to know what is the executable for the start menu.


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