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Advertlets and Nuffnang Showdown, Advertlets payments processing painfully slow

The lowdown of the 2 biggest blog advertisers in SEA – Advertlets and Nuffnang
Well ads do contribute alot to the running cost of my websites. I know not everyone like ads to be shown on the sites they visit- they slow the loading of pages, give errors and sometime intrude and even block/distort content you are reading. But fret not on this site as I always have my readers and visitors welfare at heart. The ads I use here are non intrusive ones, specifically brought about by picked third party blog advertisers such as Advertlets and Nuffnang.

True that you earn much lesser than handling the ads yourself, especially for most layman who know nuts about impressions, targeted ads and click fraud. But if hassle free ads, targeting and delivery of ads is your cup of tea, then it’s worth the bucks they are paying for, for your time and space.

Different selling techniques
Nuffnang is a Singaporean blog ad company, the so-claimed the first in the SEA. Backed by a well-off family, it is run by a local businessman Ming. They deliver targeted ads based on the choice and requirements of advertisers, one campaign lasting one week each, you can earn typically from $15 to $100 ($20 is the norm for the majority) weekly depending on your blog band categories by your website’s traffic. You can get multiple campaigns a week, allowing you to earn more for your space and time.

This method offers the best targeted ads in benefit for the advertiser as each website is given the ad mostly on a case by case basis. The lowdown is that the selection process is usually very very painstaking, not to mention very manually intensive as well. Most bloggers and blogs I visit who support Nuffnang end up having no ads for months, displaying Ads directed right to Niffnang’s site like sushi tattoos for promotional reasons. The better blogs get the ads and often results in a form of discrimination for lower traffic blogs- Unless you get at least 10 thousand unique visitors daily, you are quite out of making anything much here. It’s more like a big boys’s game. Advertlets on the other hand (A Malaysian blog ad company managed by Josh Lim) display ads on your site the moment you put their code up, depending on your website traffic you can earn from few cents to hundreds a day. Though you can’t possibility make much as few cents can be peanuts or “coffee money”, the thing is that you are still being paid to put their code on your website, which an come as an incentive or acknowledgment to your efforts, especially to blogs with low traffic for putting their ad code up in the first place. They do offer cost per click as well, on top of impression based earnings.

Nuffnang better is handling payments
What I can commend on Nuffnang is how fast their payment are- one month is all it takes upon cashing out for the cheque to be delivered to your doorstep. Advertlets on the other hand completely redefines efficiency- Their payments are painfully slow I have not received a single cheque from them since I cashed out last November. I may give and take being a Malaysian company who need to send cheques over the border, but 2 months is the most anyone can take. Payments “still processing” after 4 months till now is simply unacceptable. Possibly made worst by their recent blunder. Knowing that many blogger I know do get paid by Advertlets, this is not a balent accusation of them not paying but just crap if you want to do business do it right, especially with sensitive issues such as payments!

Will update more on my personal findings on these 2 companies.


    • Yup, you are right!

      I’ve taken the nuffnang ads down and will only be up once I get an ad slot from them. They will give you a notification through email with few days notice to get it up. I took them down as it pushes all my other content down on my side bar and I won’t want to waste any space on dummy ads.


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