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2nd doctor visit

Followed up friday’s visit to the doctor’s… well this time to satisfy my mum’s worries (aka curiosity) about my fluctuating fever. Personally I saw no need for it- I am feeling better than I was the last few days. Then she painted a picture, together with my dad about viral infections, dengue & more. So what can I do? Anyway, my dad volunteered fetched me back to Alexandra hospital for the follow up. & heh… I can say, this is one of the few visits to the doctor where I really can’t think of ANYTHING to say… well at least there is nothing wrong with me! my temperature is around 37.0.

All I can say is, leave it to my dad who did most of the talking… & settled for a blood test to confirm that theres nothing is wrong with me. & true enough everything’s ok, white blood cell, palette count all normal the only reason ruled out is a flu viral infection which caused the fever in the first place. Anyway like all professionals, the doctor was understanding of my parents intentions & concerns. Considering I just recovered from a relatively long fever since wed in their records, got 3 days light duties to go with my new set of medicine, including a scary bottle of antibiotics.. now my medication spans over 6 different kinds of tablets & syrup… man do I feel sick by looking at it…

Back to camp tonight. & damn didn’t get to drive this week, well maybe next week then when I am fully recovered.



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