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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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The call

Recieved a private call from Singapore press holdings representative today, telling me that I’ve won the Straits Times classified graffiti art competition! (yay!) Then she won’t on taking down my details, age & so but failed to tell me which placing I’ve got into. Meaning I am in the top 3, but whether I am 1st, 2nd or third remains a great mystery. Partly because I never got to ask here that- my dinky phone went dead as my stinking old siemens SL45 decided to turn itself off as it can’t even tell the difference of a 3/4 full battery & zero battery. “Outta batt” even before I could finish the conversation. As I can remember, the next moment I was frantcially off digging my my charger & revive it, only to wait 15mins+ in front of the phone & nothing, no call back.. wahh!!!!


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