Well, there always comes a time when, well happiness ends? lol nah I was just referring to the end of the very much needed block leave which too, ended today. Passing by orchard road in the afternoon, the subaru impreza challenge at nee ang city seems to be heating up too, starting yesterday with more cars, more people, most of the spectators staying there watching people suffering in the afternoon sun/rain while they stay in comfort/shelter.. ohhh people. Lol wonder will they have am international queuing endurance competition, bet us singaporeans are pros at that. Marina square is still under renovation (thx lest for the intel), but their cinema area is more or less completed. Took a bus to suntec, almost forgotten with nichol highway closed, buses 14 & 196 are all diverted to raffles hotel-beach road so I have to walk from the shaw tower to suntec for some “pre-meet shopping” Enquired about the dell axim x50v at the suntec dell “try-it” kiosk, the sales rep weren’t very well informed about the upcoming product either, neither about the retail price, but they do know that its coming up around this dec.

Met up with lester, david & desmond at city link mall thereafter & headed back to suntec kenny rogers ribs & steak for lunch. The bill went up to about $75 for 4 of us, thanks going to David for treating us to such a wonderful meal, well as usual he’s the one eating the most of it too. Guess army talk is very much the topic now for everyone, as most of us 1984 batch are more of less enlisted/enlisting into the army now. Education wise, desmond is still studying, lester grad from poly with a dip & like most of us are miserably serving the nation. David would be going some china university to study chinese, amazingly I always heard him talkin bout that, & I always thought that it was a joke! For me, hope I can able to get entry to a university with either australia or scottland to do computer based engineering, as local Us are so limited in choices, not to mention I hate the evident textbook style of learning here.

7 more months to ORD! & need for speed underground 2 would be out in SG 7th nov, check out for that! 😉

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  1. haa…..chinese…i nearly went china to study too, my secondary school teacher and aunt was like psychoing me after sec 4, but ……nah. not that i hate chinese, it’s quite interesting but i was just not prepared to live in a sleep-eat-think pure chinese environment after my 4 years in a super chinese school.

    ” not to mention I hate the evident textbook style of learning here. ” > I totally agree !! =)


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