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Halloween recaptionation

Its another sunny sunday (thankfully) similar to that of yesterday morning. Its 10.30am & yea its sunday. Recapping some notable happenings of the weekend: Had steamboat dinner on Friday at Golden Mile complex & later dropped by to Geylang Serai for the festival shops & deco. They had lots of things, such as malay traditional sweets, dessert & finger food. Not to mention clothing & handiwork, quite interesting. The streets were all lighted blue/green orchard road style to the malay theming & the crowds there are humongous. Sheena got a handphone new handphone cover for her 7250i while mum got some sleveless & dad, some yummies & malay flour cakes. Drove everyone home thereafter had a fuel topup at commonwealth SPC gas station before heading home. I longed to have my own car, come to think about it, why can’t singapore be something like the states or maybe japan for instance where cars are cheap & what we youths can do are work parttime after school in some hangout or so. Instead oif being so coped up with tution, CCAs, homework & stuffs. Earn some cash so we can get some secondhand cars at dirt cheap prices (like $200-$2000, NO Farking COEs! ) from a 2nd hand or scarpyard dealer & souping it up every month bit by bit from our monthly pay, pampering it till it’s… WHOA!

Went for a swim on saturday morning, cos I said it was nice & sunny right? Anyway spent the rest of the sat at home coding, debugging the site & finally uploaded all the new stuffs, whats more? finally completing need for speed underground (70/111) & finally touched c&c generals zero hero with a few USA campaigns after almost 1/2 year+ the DVD box is all dusty now. 😛

Well payday would be in 10 days time. Would be looking forward to my Geforce FX6800 purchase next month. Hopefully I can get only within my budget. Would be dropping by suntec later around 1pm, to do some shopping & check out the newly renovated marina square (its is completed that is) before meeting up with David & gang for his farewell lunch. Would be bringing my camera. 😀

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