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Dubai and Abu Dhabi trip photos

Behold, a massive photo update of my recent trip to Dubai last week. It took my sometime to get all the photos uploaded and captioned while settling into my new room here in college. School starts tomorrow for me and it had been a really busy week settling uni administrative stuff as well as managing the freshers for the new year. Oh yes, then there’s the freshers fair too to juggle around too. Gosh, glad I managed to get it all up. I will be posting a separate blog post on each of the 4 days I’ve spent there, which serves as more of a travel log or diary of my trip. The diary will be based largely on the photos in these galleries, so it can give you a rough expectation of the direction and sights of the trip with more specific experiences.


Dubai city sights
Dubai has plenty to offer, it’s one of the only few places in the world where you can find the outrageously big buildings and islands- going in pure Dubai tradition of having the biggest in everything.

The red metro line is the only main operational line
Metro along Sheikh Zayed road
But it's actually called the Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa
Also, with a man-made river
Jumeirah Souks & Al Arab

A new metro line serves the main city area, running along side the iconic Sheikh Zayed road. You can almost all all of the Dubai city running along this road. The city has much to offer, whether it’s the tallest building in the world or the largest shopping mall in the world (Dubai mall). Indulge in huge majestic hotels, beaches or roam the world’s largest man made islands and the Atlantis palm islands.

Dubai city albums:
Burj Khalifa (Dubai)– World’s tallest building
Burj Dubai Mall establishments– World’s largest mall
Dubai- Historical Sites and Dhow Cruise– In the heartlands, museums and markets
UAE- Dubai City– Al Arab, Jumeirah Souks, The Palace, Atlantis, palm islands

Desert Safari
No trip to Dubai is complete without bashing the dunes on the Desert Safari. We hit the dunes in specially modified 4×4 Toyota landcruisers with roll cages allowing a roller coaster ride into a sea of vast widertheness and unknown, with excellent desert sights to boot too!

And we are ready..
Hitting the dunes!
With a playground of no boundaries!
Desert Safari- No boundaries!
we were treated to traditional Belly dancing
Desert Belly dancing! :3

The safari includes camel and ATV rides, which ends with a night chilling out at a desert oasis camp with a buffet dinner and traditional dances by Arabian belly dancers.

Desert Safari albums:
Dubai Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi is not too far off Dubai and is about an hour drive away. It is a self contained city of it’s own which in contrast a much more affordable place and not bombastic as the city of Dubai itself. It is also home to the largest mosque in the UAE, the iconic white Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

It has a very distinctive pure white look to it
Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Sigh, views you can never get tried of
Pure white-ness
The place is nicely carpeted
Inner prayer rooms

There is also the marina circuit and Ferrari world on Yas island. Ferrari world is the world’s first Ferrari themed and endorsed attraction and is the largest indoor theme park in the world, with 20 indoor rides including the world’s fastest roller coaster (at 240kmph)

Wadi Wadi waterpark
Dubai is hot, and I mean 48 degree desert hot, which is a perfect place for beach goers alike. The beaches are all crawling with tourists, the water park is no exception either. My last day in Dubai was spent relaxing by the Arabian gulf at the Wadi wadi waterpark. Situated by a beach front it’s simply chill-out under the sun with flume rides and of course, the fastest water speed slide out of America.

Shaun diving to greater depths!
Diving to greater depths!
And we are in!
Wadi wadi waterpark!
Don't hog the wave machine Shaun... but LOOKIEME!
Flo-rider dudes!

Of course, what can do with unlimited goes on the Flo-rider wave machine too? 😛

Wadi Wadi album:
Wadi Wadi waterpark

All the albums are accessible via the Middle Eastern Places photo gallery



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