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Chilling in Pisa Italy, and up the Pisa leaning tower

Traveling is a way of life. Backpacking alone in Europe, I believe you will never have explored a country proper if you didn’t chill out the locals, commute using public transport, and eat where the locals go. Today, join me on my exploration journey in Tuscany, central Italy to the city of Pisa Italy.

Here at Pisa Italy
Here at Pisa Italy!

Moreover, accommodations in Pisa is affordable and you can get a decent small hotel room for under $30-50 a night. Additionally, I stayed at the Helvetia Inn just a short 5 minute walk away from Pisa Tower with a nice street side café you can grab breakfast for under 3 Euros with a nice Latte.

View of the leaning tower from museum Pisa Italy
View of the leaning tower from the museum garden grounds.

More than a leaning tower

Furthermore, Pisa Italy is a small compact and chill town with lots of culture. A walk through the city center, checking out the small stores and cafes are all what you need to soaking in the city-town as a whole. Also, during my visit, there was a vintage car meet, particularly those by Fiat 500 owners.

Car show
Plaza events
Tower base

Of course, the main attraction here is Pisa is the leaning tower. Moreover, an 18 Euro ticket purchased from the ticketing counter at the attraction grants you entry multiple points of interest in the compound. Also, here, there are the four notable attractions within the compound which we will be visiting.

Exterior of the Pisa Italy Duomo Cathedral and Baptistery behind it
Exterior of the Duomo Cathedral and Baptistery behind it.
Riverside walk
Up close

Moreover, the compound comprises of a mix two museums, two Baptistery, Cathedrals and a Cemetery, namely the Baptistery and Duomo Cathedral (free), Opera del Duomo Museum, Sinopie Museum and the Camposanto Monumentale Cemetery.

Museum Courtyard

You be given a ticket card to keep. A visit stamp strikes off each respective attraction you visited on your ticket upon entry. All attractions are open daily from 8am-8pm, hence, you can take your time to explore each attraction at your time, even over multiple days.


Heading up the (still leaning) Tower of Pisa

View from the top of the leaning tower with the Duomo Cathedral and Camposanto Monumentale in view Pisa Italy
View from the top of the leaning tower with the Duomo Cathedral and Camposanto Monumentale in view.

First off let’s head to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The views at the top offers a grand panoramic view of the city of Pisa. Thankfully, the Pisa, Italy city does not have many tall buildings. One probably due to building conversation codes. This allows for largely unobstructed views of the city center below.

Got tower?
Internal staircase
Tower shaft

In addition, the tower itself is not that tall, so it’s not observatory-style tall. Climbing up the tower is quite an interesting but otherwise mildly disorienting affair. A circular spiral staircase runs along the outer perimeter of the tower circling your way up. Also, due to the tower lean, you will notice the stair gradient alternate between flat and a stair climb it is quite an interesting experience.

Top of the tower of the leaning tower Pisa Italy
Top of the tower of the leaning tower.

At the top, a row of three big bells sits on the perimeter at the top of the tower. Interestingly, the tower has a clear central core which you can see the top from bottom and vice versa. At the top center sits an opening encased in a clear plastic cover allowing you to safely see through all the way the other way to the bottom.

Looking down!
Got Bells?
Bell tower

Also, the top of the tower does not have any perimeter fencing designed when it was built. Fencing is added of course to prevent tourists from falling off the tower when taking selfies.

Top bell detail
Fencing at top
Top Gating

Notably, the leaning tower of Pisa was closed off for a few years before my visit. It was to stabilize the soil and the structure which was increasing in its lean over the years and at risk of toppling over. The soil stabilization works was done with the foundation sealed off while maintaining the iconic 5.5 degrees lean.

Clear view from the top with the Pisa Italy shopping street in the distance
Clear view from the top with the shopping street in the distance.

Pisa Italy Duomo Cathedral and Camposanto Monumentale

Additionally, the Camposanto Monumentale Cemetery is a vast compound, albeit a quiet one too. It allows you to explore the various stone sculptures and courtyards within at your own time.

Interior of the Camposanto Monumental cemetery grounds Pisa Italy
Interior of the Camposanto Monumental cemetery grounds.

Also, the Opera del Duomo Museum and Sinopie Museum located here covers the history and lifestyles of the city’s past, mostly through displays of artifacts and historical records of the city.

Inside the Baptistery of St. John Pisa Italy
Inside the Baptistery of St. John.

The Duomo Cathedral or also known as the Pisa Cathedral is one highlight mianly for it’s vast size and notable example of Romanesque architecture. It was consecrated on September 1118 and is still a current place of Catholic worship.

Pisa Italy Duomo Cathedral interior with the interior seating and central altar
Duomo Cathedral interior with the interior seating and central altar.

Baptistery of St. John

Moreover, the Baptistery beside it (Baptistery of St. John) is the largest baptistery in Italy, standing 55m high and a 35m diameter dome. It has a rather distinctive look cleanly in the large green field.

Baptistery of St. John exterior Dome and the largest baptistery in Pisa Italy
Baptistery of St. John exterior Dome and the largest baptistery in Italy.

Interestingly, the Marble Baptistery itself leans 0.6 degrees towards the tower, due to the unstable soil, but is hardly noticeable.

Looking across
Inside the dome

On no the tower is falling!

Increasing the tower lean? Pisa Italy
Increasing the tower lean?

Also, it is not uncommon to see many tourists posing for pictures here on the Piazza dei Miracoli and Piazza del Duomo. It is an open courtyard offering great photo opportunities to frame a shot with the tower. This plaza is home to lots of souvenirs stores. Souvenirs in Pisa are also considerably cheaper and the people noticeable friendlier than say the French in Paris.

Birth of memes
Water fountain
The lean

Additionally, if you are planning to spend about 3 days in Pisa, it is advisable to split your visit over a least 2 days. If you are a museum fan, these museums are good for an entire day. Also if you plan to check out every exhibit in detail. it be good to ascend the tower during sunny weather where it is best to catch the views from the top.

On the streets of Pisa, with many affordable cafes and restaurants
On the streets of Pisa, with many affordable cafes and restaurants.

Henceforth, do look into the weather forecast for fair days when planning your visit up the leaning tower, as it could be closed in inclement weather. The museums are a good place to spend to time on bad weather days.

Pisa Botanical gardens

Additionally, there are also several points of interest in Pisa besides the leaning tower. They are not must-visits, but some attractions you can check out if you have a day spare. Also, if you desire some greenery in the city, Pisa botanical gardens (Orto botanico di Pisa) is your only refuge. It is not the prettiest or the best well-kept of botanical gardens, like the ones we previously visited in San Francisco or Singapore.

Pisa Italy Botanical garden entrance
Pisa botanical garden entrance.

Moreover, it opens from 8:30 am- 5:30 pm daily and is home to 9 sections comprising of a couple of water features, albeit a fountain, a greenhouse housing a couple of tropical plants and a bamboo forest, with a mix of open air and green, ponds. Also, I was appreciative of small mini green fields in the gardens. It is a good escape. From the urban-packed cobbler streets of Pisa.

Bamboo forest

A chill affordable city

Wrapping up, on other points of interest is Pisa Knights’ Square (Piazza dei Cavalieri). It is an open renaissance square with a statue of Cosimo I de Medici, the first Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Lunch cafe

Also, here, you can find several restaurants, bars and quite a buzzing nightlife to grab an affordable dinner at the stores along Borgo Stretto district.

Italy streets
The tower!

Moreover, a walk along the River Arno (which cuts through the city), you can check out points of interests such as the Santa Maria della Spina Church and the Palazzo Blu (blue art house).

View along the Pisa river Arno with Pisa Italy gothic cathedral Santa Maria della Spina in view
View along the Pisa river Arno with gothic cathedral Santa Maria della Spina in view.

Otherwise, that is pretty much everything here in Pisa Italy. I particularly enjoyed the slow pace and tranquility of the city, especially away from the Leaning tower area.

Interiors halls
Pisa river

All in all, Pisa Italy is a simple city home to the iconic tower as its central and core attraction. It’s affordable living cost and accommodation also makes the city a great space to stop. Though let down by lack of green spaces and alternate attractions. Maybe that’s where a visit to the nearby French Riveria might interest you on the next part of my journey.



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