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Doom 3 released on the 3rd Aug in SG

Doom 3, its finally here, in a few days time! Check it out at Funan’s software store, The Software Boutique’s promo.

And oh yea, on the driving test, I failed it :mrgreen:, think I drove too much like Michael Schumacher, the second time thats it. Oh well next test should be in september. 😉


  1. Hey lest, long time no dropby. How life starting BMT? faster pace now rite? getting used to it?

    Yea, Doom 3 is nice to get, but I believe the main reason why we are getting it is because of the visuals & immersive surrounds. Other than that, the storyline and objective is pretty much the same as the original doom series.
    I guess the real thing are next-generation games built on the Doom 3 engine, now tats talking 😉 quake IV anyone?


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