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SX1 Mods- virtual keyboard

Well, I always wanted one of those Ibiz laser keyboards for pdas (Official Site), but didn’t know that they might be so good into hearing my prayers and making one for the sx1. Yes there is one for the phone, recently revealed at Cebit. On a personal note text entry do take sometime getting used to, even after using the phone for one month+ or so, its still a good phone with very buggy OS and an under used 175Mhz Texas instruments processor inside. What more can make it better by throwing in the Ibiz laser keyboard into the phone? Check out this article on it. (more eyecandies here)
As quoted, said that its an add on by siemens, whether they are selling it as a whole new phone or as an addon realy depends on them, but I really do hope they are, and release them pronto too!.

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