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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Siemens SX1

And now a phone to end my search, and too, a potential succesor of my old Siemens SL45i Mp3 phone, the SX1. Expected to be released in Aug this year, its one phone I would drool for, (though expecting a high price for it) being a Siemens fan myself (*gone are nokia phones man!*)

This one is as small as a Nokia 8250 at 110g, but stuffed inside are tons of features, here are some of them: Bluetooth, MMS, SMS, Video/Still pic camera (24bit at 640×480 res max) with 4x digital zoom, FM Tuner, MP3 Player, Video player/recorder, Voice recorder, Natural loud speaker, High res (176×220) 16-bit colour screen, Office/PDA functions (able to open MS office files, POP3 email), 24MB built in mem + MMC expansion card slot, all running on Symbian OS…. jus to name afew. woot!

Feel free to drop your comments on it!

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