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Rumored 6 Megapixel Camera slider phone from Nokia

Nokia mystery 6MP camera phone

Apparently from this leaked picture from Nokia, it seems that the successor to the N93i wouldn’t be too far off in the 2008, spotting a similar form factor with the camera mounted perpendicularly to the phone face. The N96? Figures.

This sideway mounting position is typical for phones which feature optical zooms (yup no pixelated digital zooms for this baby) hopefully it can spot at least a 5x optical zoom to stay decently competitive with dedicated digital cameras out there with 10x optical zoom the norm. As you can see in the picture, the camera will spot a 6MP naive capture resolution.

Going away is the pistol grip clam shell form factor for a hybrid slider system. It seems that both parts of the slider pieces are almost of equal bulk and size (contrary to the ultra thin top bezel of the N95 8GB, with the bulk of the phone at the base). Only time will tell with more details released from Nokia themselves.


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