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Phone Modification

BMT has ended, so its more shopping, shopping, outings and it again… Watched Bruce Almighty on friday afternoon with my NS friends @ GV marina, then went to the PCshow 2003 in the evening. There is nothing new in this year’s PCshow, always the same old booths and companys, maybe the only new intro is dell computers setting up a booth for the first time in an exhtibition. After that met my mum at orchard for somemore shopping and dinner. And off, off to simlim yesterday, one of my favorite Simlim bargain stores, G2 is closing down, went there yesterday and they are franticially trying to clear stocks. On a brighter note, hey! I am completed with my mod mod, now with a newly added 3.5mm audio plug the connections would be endless anywhere on any device all for a cost of $2. Furthermore with a new TwinMOS 128MB MMC/SD card upgrade for my phone, more MP3s on the move here I go!

For more mods on the phone check out this mods page.
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