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Nokia Singapore Official N96 release date

Ok folks, here are some official words from Nokia Singapore with regards to the Nokia N96.

Quote from Nokia Singapore:

Please be advised that Nokia N96 mobile phone has been scheduled to be launched at the end of the third quarter of 2008. However, at this stage we are unable to advice on the actual launch date for the phone.

Please note that prior to release, all phones will have to undergo testing and approval from the authorities in the respective country. Testing will be conducted to ensure compatibility with the networks and government regulations.

Yea hurray to vagueness! At least this time they know that there is actually an N96!

Expect the phone to start retailing at $1200 without contract on the initial launch week. Soft launches and purchase of the phone starts about 1 week before ads are all placed on the papers. So technically you can start getting leaked reviews say around, May and Technically see the phone in around National Day or late September. So in the meantime, the N95 8GB will still be Nokia’s flagship phone.


    • lol, yea that is the most we can expect from nokia Singapore right? as always.

      But at least this shows that they do reply to official inquiries now, since the customer Starhub reimbursement case… and that is a form of service evolution from the cold stone age by itself already!

    • The N95 8GB is N82 is the only top phone you can buy today. It’s specs are quite close to the N96 unless you do not need the extra megapixel an additional 8GB memory + MicroSD slot.

  1. eagerly awaiting for the release of n96.. asked few shops.. all say they dont have an idea.. some said probably by the month of may.. hmm.. lets just wait.. but i prefer to get the phone as the 1st customer in singapore.. hehe :d

    too much addicted to that model already.. n96 rocks.. king of all handphones.. yeaah.. yipee.. 😉

    • Cool, do let me know when you get the phone haha! so maybe you can post your comments and view of it in benefit of anyone considering it.

      I don’t think I will be getting the N96 thou, as it not a major upgrade from my current N95 8GB.

  2. wah $1200 leh…dun play play hor…i like the phone, but i didnt expect it to be so ex lor…i thought it was ard 900++??omg omg muz save up ler…>.<:sad:


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