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Upgrade bandwagon

Yes, its the start of the long off in-lieu, started tuesday night life is always so free & fun after that. Checked out from a chalet at downtown east in the morning. & yes, there was a chalet organised by my army platoon’s specs for the whole platoon (about 30+ ppl), this time with our troopers. It was fun, we catered food from out friendly camp canteen auntie ( & jus when we thought we haven’t had enough of camp food) ate, BBQed, played rounds of armoured core 3, GT3 & dynasty warriors on playstation 2 till 4am where most of us concussed thereafter, only waking up at in glaring daylight around 9am. Neato. Checked into SimLim thereafter with Adrain & John, where I got a 2.8B Ghz P4 processor, a stick of Kingston 512MB DDR333 ram & a new Microsoft digital media pro keyboard for my new HTPC, the whole SLS is out of the 3.06B Ghz processors, very strange indeed, furthermore, the 2.8B ones are running out fast too, damn better get my hands on one or there will be no more processors around my mobo can support. 😉

I would be installing the new 2.8Ghz processor on my present workstation comp, pairing it with my current 1GB of system ram & putting the old My current P4 2.53B Ghz in the new HTPC (home theater PC). However, the latter would be using the better Audigy2 soundcard, while my workstation will use the old Audigy DE soundcard. Moreover, my current comp is as dang unstable as my vintage PI 200Mhz, mainly due to some shitty adware & spyware I’ve accumlated over the years, even anti-adwares don’t seem to get to them, it rids them but don’t stop them from coming back. Oh well, guess I would be backing up all mydata over the days, possibly on a new Iomega 80GB HD external Harddrive which I am intending to purchase soon too, then wollia! a clean format to the spick & span world of clean benchmarkable efficiency. 😀


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