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Technology – Above & Beyond

10 years ago, when we are all still thinkering cheap $20 mini arcade toys or with pagers & alphanumeric morse codes in school I never thought of the day where everyone my family would own a handphone each. Gone are the days of kids playing with plastic “make believe toy handphones” on the streets, now I’ve even seen primary school kids with their own Nokia N-series phones, (even makes my present 3 year old Siemens go & hide in shame…) not to mention also spotting Gameboys DS/SPs or PSPs… Moreover, 8 years ago since I got my first laptop , I never thought of the day when everyone in my family will have their own personal (not shared) notebook each.

Mum's Samsung Q35

That day will be today, (Thanks to mum who allowed me to photograph her new baby) with the latest, smallest & most powerful addition to the family. Mum’s Windows Vista Ready 1.8kg 12.1″ Samsung Intel Dual-Core Notebook with 1.5GB DDR2 667MHz Ram, DVD-DL Writer & 7 hours of battery life – A force to recon with, now only if mum know how to make use of it’s power fully. Brought it from from our 2nd visit to the PC Show today, which is super more packed than yesterday. Ok on the damage, to date, there are 3 functional desktops & 4 laptops at home, only time will tell on how technology will get onto us in the future.

Came back from a 15km run this evening. Bringing the total milege for this exam week to 20km.

Mileage Run Log for the week
SP Gym 3+1 Sets Weight Training + Threadmill, Friday- 5.6km
15 rounds Tiong Bahru park, Sunday – 15km

Total: Approx 20km this week (67% of 30km/week target)

:mrgreen: As its holidays for me now, next week’s mileage will be interesting… Would be going for a 1 hour continuous cardio swim tomorrow morning.


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