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Singapore-based virtualised private server space available!

Available Singapore virtualised server space for rent!

I’ve improving my virtualisation techniques lately and I am glad to say that I’ve created much free capacities on my servers from these optimisations. As such I will be opening up a few limited virtualised and dedicated slots on my cluster.

If you are looking for dedicated developmental server space in Singapore, or simply looking to run your own web/email or cloud server, feel free to drop me a note via email or on my contact form for more details. As a supporter of developers as a developer myself, I generally maintain a happy laid back developmental background, and not getting bogged down by restrictions. So if you need a VPS or a dedicated setup, just let me know! My setup is optimised for web-services, let be databases or serving webpages. Here are the rates I am offering with the rough specs:

Virtualised private “dedicated” server

  • $39 SGD/month: 60GB disk space, 2GB RAM
  • $59 SGD/month: 120GB disk space, 4GB RAM
  • $89 SGD/month: 250GB disk space, 8GB RAM

All plans come with Quad core Xeon (4 cores), 1x Static IP on unmetered 100Mbps connection, with fully-managed hardware firewall. You are free to run any Linux distro or closed-sourced operating system of choice, as long you have a valid license. All your data stored on my servers belongs to you and will not be used for any other purposes. If you have any customised needs other than the plans above, feel free to drop me a note via email or on my contact form indicating your needs.

Cheers and start developing!



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