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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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NTLDR missing solution.

Heres to a solution to a problem I've been pondering upon today when building my new PC running WinXP home- a boot error from POST after recovering it from an accidental power off during...


*reads october issue of PC Gamer* Mmmm neat DVD disc.... Man! & they even have patents for the cardboard cd holder. :O whats the world coming to these days.... :p *hint, hint* The thing for...

Memory Prices drop

Yup, on my last visit to Simlim, here are the latest prices of the Memory cards I am intending to get when the price is right late this month: Transcend 4GB SD Card -...

What goes around comes around – Comp down again

The week started with my computer conking out on me again, exactly one year since I last changed the motherboard, it seemed that it went out again, this time with a blank system after...

Team Fortress 2 New Pyro Achievements Tips and Hints

The Pyro achievement pack is out today, so got about over the night to play Pyro over my few favorite public servers such as the 32 player Yen Japanese server, and got my...

DIY your own home theater personal computer – Installing the CPU

Article table of contents First impressions, Installing RAM & the addon cards About the heatsink. installing the CPU Installing CD-ROM & Harddrive. Wrapping & booting up Installing the CPU, some interesting parts A small confined case requires some careful...

Afternoon shopping

Just came from from some "afternoon shopping" lolz. Dropped by funan to preorder command and conquer generals at the software boutique, funan. It will be out on the 11th Feb in Singapore comfirmed. Dropped...

World’s 10 Most Common Passwords

Ahha, I've got all your password! If you wanna trying accessing someone else's mail or bank account, why not try those below here. If you recognize yours down there, it's just like handing over...

Computer Arrived! Day Driver

Got a call from 8 flags Computers around 5.30pm on thursday afternoon which I missed (was in the gym during that time after school). Recapping, dad loaned me the car for today just...

Students Rejoice! Dell entering Tablet PC market with new Latitude Laptop

Ever always wanted to own a Tablet PC for ease of notes and penning down handwritten notes in lectures, but always don't seem to be able to afford one? Well look no further, the...

Singnet boardband 256kps unlimited is now 512kps?

Hey if you are a previous singnet boardband 256kps user, you may notice download speeds going up to 50-60KB/s from 20-30KB/s. Possibly a typical computer reporting error? I don't think so, especially with my...

Technology – Above & Beyond

10 years ago, when we are all still thinkering cheap $20 mini arcade toys or with pagers & alphanumeric morse codes in school I never thought of the day where everyone my family would...


Amara Hotel Element Buffet

Amara Hotel Element Buffet is a little gem of a buffet joint located on the outskirts of the central business district in the Tanjong...

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