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Excellent Dell Service

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Ordered a new server today from Dell. I will give the wait for the upcoming PC show a miss for servers as only consumer products will only be on sale at the coming exhibition later this month. Nevertheless, having said that, what I can say besides putting up with the hassles of automated telephony, Dell always never fail to impress me with their excellent phone service and service courtesy. I remembered purchasing my first Dell, an Axim PDA around 2005 and if it’s not the friendly service, it’s their one to one exchange policy right at your doorstep which I simply love as well. It’s like straight no-frills or having to put up with service centers or queues.

The thing which is worth noting is the great difference from online price to that of the price you get when calling in. My configured system was about $1500 cheaper when I ordered it through the phone than similarly configured online, they even threw in a free redundant power supply unit as well. This is so as I learnt when accidentally landing on their technical support line on the Dell phone directory. Chatted with the service technician there who gave me some good advice to go talk to the sales consultant where they can always give a better rate. So as I found out today, yea savings!



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