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Tomorrow – Singapore Marathon! (My Marathon Plans)

SCM 07 Prerace

Tomorrow is the big day for all running the event held at the all prominent Padang and Esplanade. Let it be another finish in your pocket or a first for many as well, this year’s race will be hopefully be better and more memorable (in a positive manner) considering it’s Stand Chart last official year of the season as the title sponsor. This will be my third officially registered marathon to date and my biggest run of the year to date. I ran last year’s race at 4hours 40mins, so I am looking to either maintain or better my run time this year.

My Race Strategy
Since I will have my running computer with me, I will be able to gauge my pace throughout the whole run rather than doing on-the-spot mental calculations base don elapsed time and distance from the markers. I will keep to 10km/h for the first 15km before going down to 8-9km/h for 25-35km, which is usually the most mentally hardest “mid-way” zone (so far into the race to give up, but yet still not anywhere close to finish).

I will fully adopt the run/walk tactic over this distance and replenish most of my fluids at this time (a good gauge is to drink every 2-3 water stations and NOT to feel thirsty at all- the slightest feel of thirst is an indication of dehydration). I will “store up” till the 35km mark and pick up the pace to 10km/h for final finish for the remaining kilometers. It is known that this method is faster (and less demanding) than a continuous slow jog. My target finish time is a sub 4hour 30mins marathon.

Some race admin pointers to take note for those running:

  • Baggage deposit will be far at the war memorial corner, in front of raffles one link, leave your baggage tag on your bib.
  • The route will more of less be the same as the last, with the exception of this year having fewer powergel stations
  • Kilometer markers are on at every 1km
  • The U-turn will still be at the rather scenic lagoon area at east coast.
  • Water points every 1.5km
  • Deep heating “squirt” stations every 3.5km after 7.5km mark
  • Padang finish past the esplanade
  • :mrgreen: SGrunners photo taking session will be on at the Centotaph

Remember to bring some spare cash & your NRIC just in case (touches wood) for identification purposes. Some other good items to bring will be a small roll of black tape which can be rather invaluable when bundling up blisters (and ummm nipple abrasions) which can pop up at any time. I would be running wiht my Mizuno Wave Creation 8 which is a rather good fitting shoe for me I can say- 15-20km runs and no blisters at all (tested on this year’s AHM) think my previous Asics DS-trainer I wore last year was quite ill-fitting at the toes sprouting blisters at the 25km mark. I hope to go blister free this year, just stay clear of spilling any watre on your shoes and you will be fine.

I can picture myself in less than 24 hours time man! doing the part of the greatest race on earth and feeling great after that 42km. Now all I got to do is to actually sleep before 10am tonight and wake up 3.30am on Sunday without feeling shitty.

I will get my race report up after maybe possibility resting throughout the rest of Sunday.

Wish all a good race tomorrow and take care!


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