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Thoughts on the 12Hour NIE Director Relay

😕 Initially I have second thoughts of running this race as I’ve never tried running and staying active for 12hours and at unearthly hours way past my bedtime, do not know how my body will react to such conditions. So as ZY and WW pulled out. But it’s not like I’ve not done this in the army, going for night ops for days. But this time theres the option of choice. But I guess it’s a combination of factors, like registration fees all paid for by school, free dry-fit shirt and a team to lead. So it’s the responsiblity I guess, not to mention CCA points and a very cohesively fun running environment with the track team as well.

I guess this race will set a record for most of us, pulling through will only allow us to reflect back one day on the this possible achievement laid out for us next week. And then where we will really know how far we can push ourselves to go. Well it’s all for charity as well, wonder will we set any distance records that day…

Wish me luck in the event in SP Track team 2.
(3rd Revision) Members: Elrick » Shunqiang » Shaun » Zixuan » Weijian » Alvin


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