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Tiong Bahru Park Running Route

Tiong Bahru Park Running Route
Tiong Bahru Park had been around for a long time even with it’s previous face-lift and the introduction of Gan Eng Seng Secondary next door, taking a large chunk of it’s old land area and introducing a dedicated soccer field. The place started off as left over land from a sewage plant only to converted into a dedicated park a long time back. If you live in the southern city area, you definitely won’t give this little park a miss, being the only one real park connecting the centrals and filling in for residents of Prince Charles Road, Redhill, Delta and of course Tiong Bahru itself.

Route & Terrain (1.2km external park route)
The “new” Tiong Bahru Park has a rather simple idiot-proof layout, with a prominent perimeter loop span both ends of the park.

Tiong Bahru Park Standard 730m Loop
If you want to make of the longest distance in this small urban park, run the perimeter which will give you close to 730m in the standard loop (White Line).

Tiong Bahru Park Standard 730m Loop

Tiong Bahru Park Extended 1050m Loop
(Yellow Route) For pacing and the ease of distance measurements by the kilometer, I’ve improvised an extended running route which makes use of a few more corners and extending few loops just for that additional 300m.

Tiong Bahru Park Extended 1050m Loop

The park terrain is generally flat with few minor slopes and inclines with the longest slope being at the eastern end (nearer to Tiong Bahru Plaza). Taking the 730m loop will involve tackling this slope as shown on the south-east quadrant on the map.

The 1050m route will bring both the benefits of flats long straights as well and moderate inclines and steps per loop, so that a wider range of muscle groups will be used for your runs. It involves almost the same route as the 730m one but with an extension on the east side loop running along side the main road leading towards Delta/River Valley.

The Eastern Fitness Corner
Large Open Fields
Gan Eng Seng Secondary & Soccer Fields

The park have an even mix and variation of tarmac, concrete, gravel and zig-zag tiled roads. You can usually start both these loops from the western (left) most tip of the park (the fitness corner area) where you can do your stretching and warm ups. To start the loop make your way down south on the straights with a concrete route leading towards the overhead bridge. There you will encounter a few forks to the left towards the children’s playground. Maintaining straight will bring you to the park’s carpark and pond area before going up a short moderate incline which is the topmost part of the park.

Pets for a Walk
Central playground
Playground sandpits

From there, turning right will bring you out of the park which will bring you a loop towards Deltahouse, Gang Eng Seng Secondary before returning to the park’s western tip start point (additional 900m). Turning left on the loop before going downhill will see you passing the park toilet and the podium/activity area, where you should be able to catch the regular elderly Taichi gatherings in the evening. Continuing on will bring you past the children’s playground and sand pits before heading back to the park’s open fields and ending the loop with a flank past the Gan Eng Seng rear gate and soccer field (1 Lap).

Scenery & General Surroundings
The park is littered with mostly Palm trees which only adds a visual appeal but not much in providing shade than the older (and noticeably fewer) Rain trees still preserved within the park. There are also quite a handful of shelters distributed evenly around the park in the even of a downpour. The urban air is relatively fresher in the park and beats breathing the air running along side the roads.

Besides catering to families and children with a large playing field and commendably well built playground, the elderly also have their own fair share of facilities such as ample sitting benches and foot massage stone walkers, not to mention wheelchair accessible toilets as well.

Last Criss-Cross Loop in Distance
Road from MOE Examinations Brance/Delta
The Activity Area

The interesting thing about running here is the inter-connectivity between this park and the various running spots with the vicinity. You can easily bump up your route by exiting on the western corner and make a loop round Redhill MRT along Tiong Bahru road up to Tanglin Regency (Alexandra Road) towards Delta house and back to the park again (additional 2km). Not to mention adding the Alexandra park connector into your planned route as well, a different run each time with it’s own sights and sounds – your say!

A nice little retreat in the urban wilderness which not only caters to families, children and the elderly but with plenty of running and flexible routes around the neighborhood. What’s more the place is largely accessible and littered with a variety of eating places for your post exercise meal.


  1. hi there

    good info u have on the tb park…. u must be very familiar with the area……

    but wondering…. is there any formal or informal tai-chi groups using the park?? if so, do they do it on weekend evenings?? otherwise, would u know if there are any other parks in the vicinity where people gather for their regular tai-chi exercises?

    as a typical sg, getting lazy and feeling very lethargic lately… need to push myself to try at least something light and lazy…. 🙂

    any advice on the above will be greatly appreciated…. thx in advance…..



    • Hi lynn, I do not know the taichi group there personally, but more by sight as a regular passerby. They are always there on Wednesday evenings (like 7-8pm) at the central open podium area near the toilet shack. I don’t recall seeing them there on weekends though, maybe you can try approaching them when you see them?

      Otherwise your community’s community club is a good place to see for tachi groups.

      I did a search and you can also check out these few local services and community groups in singapore too.
      Creative Body

      • hi shaun

        thx a lot for the info….never expected u to go the extra miles of checking out some of the community groups…. 😯

        goes to show that all is not that bad in singapore…… there’s still warmth and hope for a better environment… . 😆

        will definitely check them out …..

        have a good run around the neighbourhood…. who knows, i may bump into u one day… 🙄




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