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Run, Swim, Shop, Eat – My little Quad-althon

5.28km Route Passing Along Tanglin Canal

With this new found time comes new found exercise time!
It’s Saturday, the 24th -Shutdown day! and I am still using my computer! LOL. Anyway with the given spade of Internship and the rather early morning wake up calls for work, I am actually waking up automatically early in the morning these days! Whoa! no more rise and shine for lunch, it’s breakfast this time.

It feels great to get your body clock re-calibrated. Saw the daybreak at 9am today. With this new-found time, what’s no other better way to start the say with a 12km run along Uncle LKY territory? Finished my rather short 12km run within the hour and half before 10:30am then headed home to get my swimming stuffs for a 1 hour continuous recovery swim at Delta Swimming Complex, which means dropping by the nearby Henderson CC beforehand too to register for the Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2007 happening on the 22nd April (I will provide more info on the event at a later date).

Getting New Phone!
The sun is great today and I guess I caught enough of it on today’s run and swim, little chou-ta already. Would be dropping by Cityhall area later for some shopping and purchasing my next new phone – The HP IPaq rw6828 Titanium Black Communicator. The thing which favored me to buy this over the Dopod D810, 838Pro and Eten M700 is the size, form factor, price ($598 w 2yr plan) and most important of all, re-knowned and best service and support for Pocket PC Repairs and technical assistance in Singapore (Sis Technologies for Dopod and O2 can go fly kite).

My Pre-birthday dinner celebrations will come later in the night! Man… I will be 23 tomorrow so old already…

Mileage for week the week (7 day period)
Wednesday – Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route 3 Rounds (16.22km)
Friday – Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route 2 Rounds (12.56km)
Sunday Noon – 1 Hour Continuous Birthday swim 50m laps for 60mins
Total Running Mileage the week: 28.78km
Total Accumulative Mileage for 2007: 215.38km


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