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Rain and cooling runs

Well the rain had been continuously pouring down these days, the weather is great but dampened are always my planned runs in the evening, which always so coincidentally pours around my usual 5-6pm running periods. The mornings though are much drier and pretty much cooler as well, only that I have have to be in school at that time or simply just can’t wake up early enough to see my weekend mornings.

Set another well… personal feat last Saturday with my longest non-hydrated run. Well though it’s nothing something to brag about considering that I might actually be a fool possibility killing myself running myself dry.

But maybe it’s more of a personal challenge of seeing how far I can go- with lots of pre-run hydration before the run, I actually managed to run a full half-marathon without any experiencing any signs thirst or discomfort at all (possibly an excuse of cutting myself off from waterpoints during races). Come to think about it, elite runners seldom hydrate, only with about 1-2 points for a full marathon.

Back on my run, so I was like running at the 16km mark and it was like “hey why not explore the new Alexandra park connector quote leading up to Queensway?” before I know it I was covering 18km when done. Then it was like “so why not just bump it up to 20km and beyond for the full 21km?”.

It’s a thrill to run in such cold whether now, you will never ever feel very tried or encounter excessive perspiration these days, it’s always cooling and windy throughout the run, nice, minus the rain… when it does when you least want it to.

Running Mileage for the week
Alexandra Park Connector Route: 21.1km – Saturday
Total Mileage for week: 21.1km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 1041.55km


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