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Post Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2006

Sunday was the 2006 Swissotel Vertical Marathon, an event which I would see myself participating almost annually since last year. Maybe because of the love & uniqueness of the sport, not to mention my kakis who always participate the event together. On top of the usual annual line up of cross-country, adventure races and marathons.

I was actually more prepared for the event last year, gyming out on elliptical trainers and stair climbers just to train specifically for the event, but nothing much of such this year though- not even a pinch of carbo loading. All I just did was training for my marathon next month, which is not exactly the best of training for a stair climbing event besides building endurance.

Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2006

:mrgreen: I went light and easy, so it was very much get the bib (Bib No 3007) and climb! Very interesting, besides the unexpected appearance of the mysterious baggage deposit point (which I never saw coming at all), timings for this year had also improved for me: 11:27 from 11:43, which is a 16th position placing contrary to my last year’s 22nd. Ahlong had the biggest “value added” at 25th position this year at 11:57 from 14mins plus last year. There are 127 participants who completed in the men’s 20-29 category.

And Singapore Marathon will be on in 2 weeks time, man that is fast, goodie bag collection will be on this coming weekend.

Would be posting more photos when I get them.

Mileage for the last week (7 day period 12-18th Nov)
SP Gym 2+1 Sets Weight Training + Treadmill 3km – Tuesday
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training + Treadmill 7km – Friday
Swissotel Vertical Marathon – 73 floors 1,336 steps
Total Mileage for week = 10km (33.3% of 30km/week target met)


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