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NYAA 4D3N Round Island Trekking Expedition

4D3N Round Island Trekking Expedition

Up and coming for me would be the round island trekking expedition starting this Friday night. Organised by the SP environment club in support for the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA). It will encompass continuous trekking during the day and rests at night (though the opposite is cooler to work with) starting at SP Dover towards the south, then making our way towards the east then circling to the west through the north, passing by Sentosa, Sembawang, Pasir Ris, Changi Beach and Kranji just to name afew.

It will be a self sufficient event, where we will be completely relying on the food we bring on our trek packs, cooking and sleeping out in the wilderness. This really brings me back to my old scout days in the army, but better! (no camo, jungles & enemies lol). I will be going for this in place of Judging for the Singapore River Raft Race this Sunday (as initially planned). My team (of 20) will cover around 100km for the whole expedition (round Singapore in 80 hours? lol). Wish us luck! Route March Reloaded, civilian style!

Got my bag packed weighing in currently at 7kgs without full rations. Will be up with an intermediate update only if I can leech onto any Wireless@SG points from my phone along the journey, otherwise expect a photo update coming next Monday!

Running Mileage for week this week (7 day period)
Tuesday – Track & Field Intervals 10x400m
Wednesday – Gym 3 sets Upper Body + Treadmill (8.88km)
Thursday – Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route (13.35km)
Total Running Millage for the week: 22.23km
Total Accumulative Millage for 2007: 442.24km


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